Grand Family Trip In Margaret River

Hi guys, hope you enjoy the warm weather lately in Sydney so far. Spring is officially kicking in, hooray! 

I have finally managed to look through my travel photos of our WA family trip a couple of weeks ago. I had to give myself a pat on the back because we also managed to not to melt down taking a 2 weeks old baby with us. Honestly, the sleep deprivation is one of the most powerful things in the world, I never thought I had (much) so-called baby brain and I was wrong. Wait till the baby comes, the baby comes with the great force and it's hard not to obey...Baby's hysterical cries can also rule the world if there's no way to stop them I think....

Alright, back to the topic! The trigger of this grand family trip was to celebrate my father-in-laws' 70's birthday. Why is so special? We ended up having more 30 people gathered together and it's really hard to connect with family nowadays since every one has families or lives in different places. It was a really precious moment that every one could sit down in a nice winery and enjoy beautiful food, wines and each others company. As a newish member to this family, I am truly grateful that I am being constantly reminded how much I am being loved in this family. Really, how blessed I am. Since I moved to Sydney, I found it extremely hard to connect with people that I am used to be really close to and to be completely accepted from another family is like a dream that I have never thought I would. Soppy, maybe but sincerely I meant. Now I also have my very own family with this baby girl, to stay close to each other and share every day moment together, and never forget our inner child are definitely my goal in life now. 

Alright, stop being so emotional. Below are the memories we had shared in various locations in Margaret River and I hope you like them. 

Stay connected,


xxx Aka