Life Lately: September

Somehow after the childbirth, time just accelerated without any trace. Oh yes there were some traces, my baby girl jumped one size up, my postpartum belly is getting smaller-ish, and we received so much blessings and kin words from all our friends and family. So my friends, please allow me to break it down with pictures and lists, shall we?  

1. Western Australia escape - We took around 2 weeks to accomplished this holiday "mission". Why mission? Well, there was a 2 week old baby on board, plus I am still during c-cession recovery period. Please see my previous post here.

2. Chain of challenges - Well, I believe every mom struggles with certain degrees in the first month after labour. For some reasons that I couldn't breastfeed and I did feel upset about it. But I didn't give up and I am glad I didn't. Because of my persistence, we found out she has lip tie and tongue tie, and that's why she has troubles with her tummy as well. I went on a 2 hour train ride to see a specialist, I walked 50 minutes carrying her each way just to get a second opinion from another lactation consultant. Not trying to show off here, and there are so many moms out there having the same troubles as me. All I want to say is for us the first time mom, we just want to ensure out babies are growing happily and healthy. And I want to tell myself that I have tried my very best and there's no regrets. And she can't say I didn't try enough for her one day. That's all.

3. Gaining by giving up - I know I did say I am not giving up but as a parent, there are some to let go. Such as fine dining restaurants, such as sleep in and a peaceful lunch, such as go out spontaneously without taking 1 hour at least. But each day we see her progress, even she is mainly CRYING. But she changes so much, and always something new happens next day. A different cooing sound would make me really excited, you know what I mean?

4. Not so routine/schedule - Early parenthood is all about consistency for the fundamental developments, even baby demands most of our time and energy, especially not in any order in early days. Yes, it's chaotic if we don't know what we are facing. Now she is turing 7 weeks old when I am writing this post, I am still trying to catch my breath with her temperament. However, baby couldn't really change too much who we are, we still managed to go to some restaurants and some events. It's hard to move a mountain but you can change another route. 

Alright, not as minimal as it sound and I know minimalism is still on trend but I just couldn't skip too many details. Because details make things more valuable, don't you think?


Stay simple


xxx Aka