Tu es mon étoile // Photoshoot With Evie

Sydney Portrait Photography In Bondi

Hi guys, I have been wanting to share with you all these photos that I have done with Evie but I am crazily caught up in all kind of ways. Let's cut the **** and here we go! 

I met Evie when I finally went out one night for hens party and voila! Life places interesting acquaintances for people, no matter where they come from or where they pass by.  This beautiful model's traveling to Australia from UK and got caught by me in a ladies room. (might sound normal to some but I never got a chance to go out anymore, so it's very rare to me.) She's really friendly and didn't mind I probably had too much to drink, and she said YES. And thats a big YES for me too. (And I said YES to same sex marriage as well) 

After having some chats via Instagram, we decided to a do casual shoot due to the dress that I ordered didn't arrive on time. I quickly did some shopping in Glassons (same day) and came up with these 2 looks. One's a bit frenchie, the other one I am not sure, but I just loved that red top in the shop. (Don't think I will have a great career in styling, haha) 

Despite that I didn't know what I was doing at styling wise, I definitely wanted to use prism, star glitters and fairy lights in this shoot. I have been using these in other photo sessions but who doesn't like some creative experiments, right?! And I really love how these photos turned out!  Please stroll down for the photos, and if you can let me know what you think in the comment below, that will be really great! 


Stay starry,

xxx Aka


p.s: There's a reason why I haven't posted much because I have been woking on my brand/site intensively and want to present you a new Akaness Sharks! The website is still undergoing but if you are following along, you might have seen a little facelift on the site already. I didn't wait till I finished all the changes, because I really couldn't bare to use my old site even it's still pretty in my eyes but I needed it to be more punchy. (means I am still going at the moment, and it's hard while doing some study plus a 14mo toddler at the same time, but trust me, I am working my ass off)  


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