Rustic & Boho Inspired Bridal in Nielsen Park, Sydney

Sydney boho inspired bridal

Hello guys, I want to share with you my new bridal shoot with beautiful Evie and talented make up artist Jacinta. I had to admit that we had quite a bit of hiccups but we didn't just manage the obstacles under the circumstances, we thrived.  

Firstly, I couldn't find a florist/designer in time due to the short notice, and I had a strong image in my head what kind of bouquet I want already. After a few attempts, I decided to check out some local flower shops  and ended up doing the bouquet and flower crown all by myself the night before. (most flowers I got were from a local organic grocery store, who would know right?!) (because the indecisive part of me kicked in and my local flower shop shut by the time I got back) The moral of this lesson is always book your florist early.

 It's kind of awesome thinking about how to make a flower crown myself but seriously I would not do it myself if it's for my own wedding. It's so much in details, colours, and double checks. There's so much time messing around with the flowers that we are not familiar with and most importantly so much stress doing at the big day before! I was super stressed because I wasn't sure if they were going to hold it together till next day or shoot. (it was actually fallen apart during the shoot, our model Evie had to hold it with her green thumb;-) 

The biggest reason I got so worried about the flowers the night before was because I believe a bouquet somehow complete a wedding. It's like signature at the end of a letter. I wouldn't like my wedding if I dislike my bouquets and that's just me. I am super mental on the flowers, go ask my mother in law and my wedding guests. I still remember how many guests on my wedding commented on the flowers! Surprise surprise! You never know. (Same thing I was surely no one likes oysters on my side of family turned out it wasn't enough at all.) 

Secondly I wanted to talk about the location, Nielsen Park. It's probably one of my favourite places in Eastern Suburbs. Big call, I know, but it's less busy than Watsons Bay, Bondi Beach and beyond. And best secret of this place (might be lesser nowadays) is it's actually a national park reserve walk from here chaining with some intimate beaches with Sydney Harbour view. Not to mention those gorgeous sandstones, soft white sands and rust colour trees. However, all I have planned and scouted didn't work. I was expecting super bright sunlight at 7am in Sydney this time of the year but I was a bit happier when I knew it's going to be a bit overcast but man it wasn't a bit overcast, it was disastrous. Damn you murphy's law. 

Lastly I want to say is a big thank you to everyone involved. Even it's only 3 of us, 5 if you counted my husband as driver and my daughter as a cute toddler in the car, hahah! It's lot of uncertainty before that day really happened, getting people on board, weather conditions, the luck even. Just like a real wedding. I was so emotional when I saw Evie wearing the flower crown that I made by myself after finishing the make up then changed into that breathtaking Gracce and Hart gown. I felt a bit sentimental like it's my wedding, after all the chaos and mistakes I made and insomnia nights I couldn't fight. And now I can proudly say that we did a fantastic job. This just reminds me why I love my job so much, even sometimes I could be so hard on myself. It's just no compromises when it comes to your own art, right?!

I hope you like this earth tone bridal look that we put together. If you like them please share it, pin it or leave a comment, so we know we got you on our back! Or just simply ask me any questions or tips on planning if you like! I am more than happy to share with you what I know! 

Stay warm,

xxx Aka

Sydney Romantic Boho Wedding Inspiration

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