Mama Love: Maternity Session with Kim

Sydney Boho Maternity Photoshoot-2.jpg

Hi guys, how's your Christmas prep so far?! Nothing?! Here's a guilty one here! (And please insert a raising hand emoji here) It's been crazy busy and I can't wait for this festive break started so I can have some LOHAS time! Now I just want to share with you my shoot with this gorgeous twins mama Kim a couple of weeks ago.  

Kim's a beautiful mom who's passionate about children's speech and has a little boy who's only 4 months older than Indigo. Now she's brewing twins and still looking amazing while having a toddler on the side plus working with other children!!!!!! I don't know how she does it but I know I surely can't do it myself. (really low patience) During the shoot, Kim had some dizziness due to this stage of pregnancy (nearly 34 weeks at the time and TWINS) so we basically just chilled out, chatted about our kids and life while taking pictures. The whole shoot was pretty relaxed and I believe this is how a session should be like. 

While taking these, those pregnant memories came back to me like a slideshow.  Pregnancy is really a special period while we shield the little human/s with our own flesh and nourish them with our love right before we even met them. I remember when I was 34 weeks, I already felt complete and content. After all the surging hormones, fears and self doubts, I started to feel excited to meet the little one. Now I can see that complete and content look on Kim because a new chapter is about to commence and I can't wait to meet the new coming cubs.

 Finally, I hope you like these photos and I hope you all enjoy a nice Christmas! 

Stay festive,

xxx Aka