Last Light Lily: Portrait with Monique of Sneakypeak Blog

Sydney Casual Bridal Shoot at Bondi Beach

Hello guys, how's your day looking?! Just want to share with you some photos that I shot with this beautiful lady Monique from Sneakypeak Blog. 

Monique has been modelling for so many creatives and gosh she's just a wonderful soul to shoot with. She's so down to earth and very versatile with all her works. I almost cancelled the shoot that day due to my daughter Indigo feeling ill, though Monique was really calm and empathetic about my situation. Though I am glad we made this magic happen. (Even though it wasn't nothing like my initial mood board and that's another story)

Secondly Monique's is just not the model behind those beautiful imageries, she has also multiple creative roles with different mediums. She's the author/creator for Sneakypeak Blog and is active on 360 Fashion, and she's also a jewellery designer of monarquejewels. I am always amazed by people who can do so much things at the same time and not go coucou! 

Finally, I now present you these images that we created at the last light in Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach. The bleak mood captured as all the tourists dissipate, while a relaxed vibe with a romantic tint starts to settle in. I hope you like what you see, if so don't forget to check out Monique's Instagram here and if you haven't followed mine, go check it out here.

Stay moody,

xxx Aka

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