Indigo: 6 Months

Hi guys, how have you been? I can't believe that (more like I don't want to believe) Indigo's turning 6 months and she is definitely the best thing could ever happen to us. (Us being born is pretty awesome too)  These past 6 months, she is certainly growing with that "watch me what I can do" attitude and I think it deserves to be documented about how brilliant she is. Proud mom, I know. So here comes the warning, there will be tons of baby photos below. Don't freak out. Don't roll your eyes, I can see them alright?! 

Despite how fast the maternity leave diminishing, I still feel pretty fuzzy about the whole baby thing. I meant, it just still feel like .....a dream. A dream with a big scar on my belly, a dream with lots carpet stains, a dream that I am not sure about what I am doing every day, and a dream that I constantly question myself about who I am. I can't deny that there are days I debate myself between "you can do better" and "don't beat yourself up" situations, and meanwhile, time just slipped away while I am proving that I am not schizophrenic. And I am super lucky that Indigo's a fantastic sleeper, mom's sanity is definitely a good investment for her upbringing I would say! 

Anyway, as usual, read the captions to see what she's been up to!


Stay rolling,

xxx Aka

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