A Day In Life Of Me & Indigo

Hi guys, still enjoy the summer? Andrew's been waiting for autumn coming but I never have enough summer! Back to the subject that today I want to give you a quick glimpse of a day in life of me and Indigo. Now Indigo just hit the 6 months mark last week and has been lots of joys and surprises. She is a very good sleeper with her naps almost on cue and she loves her food jut like her dad and mom. She's kicking like crazy all the time ever since she's in my belly and I have never seen a squirmy baby like her. A true joy of bundle she is. So below are the details of a normal day in our life, no big plans, no fancy frills, just a typical day in our happy mundane life. Here we go! 




She's up and shout out to the world that princess is awake and the feeder(me) should go fetch her something for breakfast. Andrew is the true fan and will normally goes in first just to see her big smile. She is definitely more a morning person than me. Also, her chunky thighs are making the nappy came off a lot, I also had to change the sheet sometimes. (sign) After all this, I will feed her with just nappy on so I don't have to wash the pj every day...I will dress her after breakfast then put her down to play in her room so I can have a bowl of muesli if she lets me.(otherwise I can always eat when she sleeps) About one hour later, she got bored so I would talk to her, help her to sit up or other things to make her interested. 


Take her out and grab myself a coffee then walk around the blocks. It's easy and enough stimulation for her to go down for a nap. And it's good for moms who are in needs for vitamin D or tan, definitely reccommad it. Normally I just walk out with a denim short and small cross shoulder bag with keys and a credit card, pay pass/pay wave just made a mom's life so much easier. 


Back home and put her down straight away for her first nap. I usually have a shower this time, get her lunch(my homemade puree) out of freezer to defrost, laundry, photo editing, and some Instagram time(mostly, oops!). She usually sleeps at least 40 minutes but I would wake her if she hasn't waken up in an hour. 

10:00ish Let her play in her room or in lounge, folding laundries( she would make it worse sometimes but it's funny to me to watch hah), sit her in chair while I prepare the puree and milk. 


Feed her and she's really messy! Sometimes I had to change her just in case her outfit got stains! She can stay awake about 2 hours now, so we go for a walk again for 30 minutes from whenever she's awake. Sometimes I just walk to grocery store or pharmacist this time, she will try to grab everything in the shop. 

12:15-01:00 pm

Back home, put her dow for nap. This nap is longest around one hour half to two hours half. I usually do my photo editing, youtube workouts(really rarely) , puree making and of course some instagraming. Oh, and have some lunch (with Netflix sometimes).

Afternoon time is fun time! Well, when she was before maybe 8 weeks old, she cries a lot in the afternoon like her life depends on it. I used to get so horrified hearing her cry from her naps because I didn't know what would make her happy and just NOT TO CRY! But now, I have developed iron ears (sometimes ) and different mindset (ish ). I knew no matter how clingy she could be at the end of day, she's going to fall asleep at some stage. And by the time she hit the land of nod, she usually sleeps quite well. So you know, I just give her a bottle after she's awake and play/talk to her. Lots of time I took photos when I walk into her room, she always ended up completely different spots from previously I saw her and gosh she looks super cute with those chubby rolls trying to roll. Melting. As always.


She got bored again around this time usually and I will take her out for a longer walk. She might or might not fall asleep on me but she's happy either way. She's just an outdoor girl. Smiling at strangers, babbling herself out loud, kicking legs or just pulling her sunhat off to lick it. Melting melting melting. 


Around this time I will feed her solids, now she can finish 5 ice cube sizes of veggies and fruits. I will take off her clothes with only nappy on. To rescue the clothes, of curse. 


Bath time! Now you know why I took her clothes off. And she's usually not super fan of the bath. It really depends how tired she was that day. After bath I will give her a bottle then bang! She normally fell asleep before 7pm.




I have to say I am probably a natural homebody. I really just enjoy the walking with her even she's getting a bit too heavy. I used to write down her routine every day and tried to find out the differences between this day and that day like doing a lab experiment. And now if she wakes up way too early from her nap( like now while I am typing, I can hear her babbling), I wouldn't be too pedantic about it. Let's just go for a walk. How does that sound? 

Anyways, I don't usually write this much and now you see we live a very simple life with lots sunshine! Hope you all have a good weekend every one! 

Stay walking,

xxx Aka