Indigo: 9 Months

Warning/ spoil alert: this post is stuffed with all baby photos ;-P

So it started when I looked at the phone and realised that Indigo turns 9 month old today! All of sudden, it's 3/4 of baby's first year and I couldn't help but thinking about how precious the remaining "baby" time is going to be. So in case I will need some reminders one day, I am going to write down what happened between 6 to 9 months of our baby's life. 

  • From 6 month age, she's been exploring the world with her tiny hands and knees, now even on her tiptoes. 
  • She eats solids really well and loves all kinds of food we give her. She had spoon refusal at the beginning for about 2 weeks then probably realise she couldn't get food into her mouth quick enough then gave in. Sometimes she even eats too much and throws back up on mom and dad. 
  • Super curious and love hide and seek with us. She loves crawling to difference rooms to find us. When she spotted us, she gets really excited. 
  • She loves treasure hunting, all those itsy bitsy from the TV table, and coffee table and drawers. Sometimes mom found some tiny cuts on her hands, and feet but she doesn't seem to care much. She is one touch kid.
  • Still hate the sound of vacuum machine sometimes and would cry when mom turned on the machine. But she finally gets the book has different images on different pages. 
  • The naps started to go haywire. Total daytime sleep has never been more than 2.5 hours. But mom and dad just suck it up because she still sleeps well at night. 
  • She has 3 teeth now and the fourth one is coming to party now! Seriously, she's not really obvious when it comes to teething. We guessed a while but she never changed too much her routine apart from the naps. Teething is seriously one mystery.

Guess that's it for now (This is second time I tried to write because I accidentally deleted the first one...) 


Stay growing,

xxx Aka