Fall Leaves: Jo Jo & Indigo

Hi guys, today I would like to share you some baby photos with fall leaves that I took a few weeks back. I took these right before the dayI jumped on the plane  back to Taiwan to show (off) Indigo around (to people )where I grew up. 

I was really grateful that taking Indigo for a walk around this beautiful park daily and man, how could I resist those warm and rusty tones from fallen fall leaves. I was afraid that all these leaves would be gone by the time I come back. And I was right, these autumn leaves are super time sensitive, especially in Sydney.  So I quickly invited Indigo's friend Jojo and the mommy Liz (of course it's the other way around) and voila!! These photos of babies are just precious with these earthy tones, even they were both a bit grumpy. (Mostly Indigo, because I had to scoop out of soil, branches,(probably bird poo and so on) out of her mouth. (And she had diarrhoea for a couple of days after that...TMI)

I have to say it could be one of my favourite tones among my photographs! Hopefully next year I will shoot more photos with these tones again. Ah just can't have enough these colours! But on the other hand, would be nice to have a session with snow as well! (current idea: snow fox) Anyone keen? 


Stay earthy,

xxx Aka