Strolling in Taipei with Celena

Hello guys, I am so excited to share with you the shoot with my best friend Celena back in Taipei. It was a super fast shoot because of the heat and the mosquitos but we girl still got the work done together. Like the good old days;-)

Firstly, I would like to talk about the outfit. My original idea was some boho, nostalgic vibes and she looks good in witch-ish(ha!) outfit with her sky high cheekbones. So black fedora, black long dress( long bell sleeves would be great but didn't find it on time.). I was thinking about adding some kimono or scarf but oh well, it was a bit much so we omitted it. 

Secondly, the location. It took place in Celena's home and her neighbourhood, in where I used to hang around a lot before I moved to Sydney. I meant, A LOT. That is not just someone's home, it's a shelter, for we young and reckless souls. I can still remember the day that I  jumped in a taxi to her place at 4am just because I didn't want to be alone. Classic, I know.  Therefore, you can see these images all with a vintage touch. And I maintained this style with almost all the photos that I took in Taiwan. I hope you will like them.

Finally, It's been great to shoot old friends while I was there. It's like having a new way to remember them as a project. And I will continually collect all these memory pieces into my treasure chest. Only till next time, my old friend.


Stay old school,


xxx Aka