Couple: 33 & William | Sydney Photographer

A while ago I reached out to 33 for a catch up after a decade (She probably has an English name but it's closer to her real name in Mandarin, so I will maintain this way.)  We met each other from our first job right after graduating from the university, so young and straight up innocent filled with the eye for adventures.  After we both left the job, we drifted for different directions and good old 10 years later, we both got married and live a life well captured. 

33 owns a fashion shop decked out with all her findings and visions from her travels. Alongside her stylist hubby William, they have shared the love for the fashion, travel and visual storytelling. That's one of the reason I thought it could be fun while we catch up this time. The original intention to us who take the photographs is to freeze the moments and sharpen the memories, isn't it?! So after some chitchats in a cafe, we took these photos at her beautiful shop. I am seriously window envy and those window lights were just precious. (Not to mention it rained most days when I was back.) And thanks to her, she got the baby breath for the shoot just because I somehow had this fetish lately.  (I really love how them turned out) 

Sometimes I have to admit that Facebook and Instagram really help to reconnect people especially everyone is so disbursed nowadays. I am not really that kind of  knock on the door and make the pitch guy, however  I get to stay who I am through these social medias. 

Anyways, I hope you like these photos below and let's stay in touch;-) Oh! You can also follow her on Instagram here.


Stay in touch,

xxx Aka 


A shot of us together in the end! 

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