Meet Kayla and her tribe!

Sydney in-home Family Session .jpg

Finally have clear mind and finish this post!  I was really excited and honoured to be invited to this beautiful family home for their session. I am quite lucky/blessed that I constantly have very relaxed clients to spend some time together! We mainly just stayed/played inside till sun came down then we ran around outside trying to take some backlit shots. It's really easygoing, lots chitchats and natural, just like any days you could be chilling at home but so much more meaningful.

Imagine one day your children browsed these photos and rediscover/remember the faded details of the childhood or old neighbourhood. Imagine that you can show your children those places that you used to live, the books that you used to read to them and the games that you used to play with, wouldn't that be amazing?! And that's why I love lifestyle photography, just to document and witness those beautiful connections and emotions, and hopefully these memories will be revived over and over again with heaps smiles. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but once being a parent myself, nothing is cheesy enough when it comes to parenthood. 

So, below are the photos that I captured, and I hope you will like them! 


Stay cheesy,

xxx Aka

p.s: I have discovered the cover/thumb photo has been stolen by someone who claimed was the photographer. It's very sad that people trying to steal other people's work just to be popular on social media. On the other hand, I must do an okay job. But still, I feel sorry for those who needed to do this to feel better in life.