Beachside Maternity & Lifestyle Photoshoot with Gatehouse Family

Sydney Maternity Photoshoot At Twilight

Hello guys, I hope you have a great weekend so far and today I would like to share with you the photos I took for this gorgeous family right before my Christmas break and their daughter's arrival. 

We planned this shoot with a very short time frame (Lisa's already 37 weeks pregnant), and the weather forecast didn't look very positive, even the time was really close to Hendrix's bedtime. She's pretty chill about the whole thing and just went for it. I bet you can see how relaxed and laid-back this family are by just looking at their connections in the pictures. During the session, we chatted about our experiences with our pregnancies and the differences having a boy or a girl, we chatted about how they loved London, we chatted about her feelings of caring a toddler while pregnant, we chatted like we were just some parents met in the local playground and I absolutely love that.

I am grateful about how easy that my clients usually are, and I do love how their portraits turned out every single time even it's not always as planned. (The tricky part as a natural light photographer) I am a strong believer that the only secret to authentic and candid portraits is to go with the flow, just like most beautiful things in life are usually unexpected. Just like this family happily embracing their little moments  and their (now) newborn. Once again, congratulations on their new addition to the family!  


Finally, I hope you like these images as much as I do. And feel free to leave a comment so I know what you think;-)


Stay connected,

xxx Aka


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