Life with Indigo: 18 Months

Life with my 18 months old toddler

I look through my old posts last weekend and realised that my last post about Indigo's growth was at her 9 months age. Oh dear, time is the most scariest thing ever, isn't it? Today I have finally got the energy writing this while Indigo's still sleeping in her cot and hopefully it won't take me another 9 months to update another one. 

Firstly, I have to admit I still don't know what I am doing as a parent even at this stage. For instance, her sleeping. I bet this is the most crucial part to all parents and every time I read some moms who nailed the daily routine as a working from home mom on Pinterest, I felt defeated. We are super lucky that Indigo rarely wakes up at night even she's teething.(She's one tough cookie) However, the nap time transition was the major witch head from 13.5 months and only just stayed consistent till nearly 16 months old. I know I shouldn't complain since I know some moms still have to feed their kids at night or kids just woke up earlier and earlier. (It happened to us before, luckily didn't last long) But her nap time is my work time, if she sleeps only one hour, I basically have to work more at night. I like mornings since I moved to Australia but that doesn't make me an early morning riser. Who would know dropping 2 naps to one nap could be this tricky? There were the days she cried for a hour fighting bedtime, and hubby just thinks she's cute, but mom myself sometimes just wants to cut hubby's tongue off. Thank god she now goes down easily again for her nap and bedtime, it is just a phase but sometimes I hate hearing this sentence. (because that sentence obviously didn't help the course.)

Here is the rough routine with Indigo lately, so you can see what's our day like. Please note this is on a standard day without any plans.


Indigo's 18 months Routine


Indigo wakes up between 6:15 to 7:00, give her some water then breakfast. 

I usually sit and eat with her, if she's still going then I would quickly clean up first.


Get dressed then we walked to the coffee shop in the park then hubby goes to work. It's great to wake up in fresh morning air.

8:00 or 8:30~

I tried to play with her a bit then walked out Indigo's room and shut the door. (Independent play) I lengthen the time bit by bit every day since after weekend usually need to start over again. If she's not doing this, she's usually protesting in the kitchen while I unload dishwasher or laundry.

8:30 -10:00

I continue trying to finish my morning chores, just the basics. She explores home herself or sit on kitchen bench watching me. We do all sorts of stuffs. If I haven't got lunch yet then I might quickly cook some then put it in the fridge so when we come back from playground we can eat almost straight away. 


We going to playground in the park. Usually it's about an hour, depends on how hungry/tired she is.


Lunch time. I normally eat with her but if I like some treats myself (like some spicy noodle soup) I would wait till she's in bed. After lunch we would play a bit, reading books, depends on how tired she is. 


NAP TIME. (It took months from 1 hour nap to 2 hours, little human brains are amazing heh?)


She would explore or play or harass me around the house. I get her some snacks and getting ready to go out for a walk with her.


My daily walk around local golf course. It's about an hour then we stop by playground again. I usually brought the snacks with me so she would complain less.


Home, dinner and she would play with hubby when he comes home. Depends on what time she finishes her nap, usually her bed time is between 19:30-20:30.


It's not very rigid but it works for us at the moment. I think most kids at this age have similar routine and I sincerely hope this will last for a while till next whatever witch head shows up again. Bravo parenthood heh?!

Apart from the daily routine, her development in language wise sometimes make me and Andrew worried. I understand that kids in bilingual environment tend to be a bit slower but sometimes we just can't help feeling a bit anxious since she still hasn't spoken as many as we thought. (Mainly gibberish) Until a few days ago, she began imitate more our words more than before, that somehow made us relieved a little.

Lastly, what interested me at her age now is the security and independence. She's a super outgoing girl and we seriously thought she has no separation anxiety. She doesn't feel scared of me leaving her in the pram downstairs and running upstairs quickly to take rubbish down. She gets along easy with strangers and always want friends. She would hassle strangers in the medical centre to get them to play with her. So the ironic part is she likes to stick with us when she's home. All she wants is us to entertain her. She's confident enough to explore than playing her toys on her own. (So you know when you heard nothing for a while, it's gonna be a mess somewhere) I have been trying to get her to do more independent play but so far I only have about 30 minutes success tops. Oh well, I guess it's also just a phase, what more can I say?

Do you have any concern with you toddler? What's your day like with your little one? Below are some photos of Indigo lately, and I hope you have a nice week ahead! 


Stay little,

xxx Aka

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