Freckled: Portrait Shoot with Mira

Sydney Fashion Portrait Session With Mira

Hi guys, it's been crazy busy here and today and I want to share with you the shoot I did back in January with Mira. The title was somehow left as "Freckled" due to lost the connection, and I quite like it than the initial title. Sometimes the imperfections are actually the most brilliant things, if you know what I meant.

Mira originally came from Germany, and is really easy to work with. She's young and independent, strong yet flexible and I wish my daughter has that in her when she grows up. My initial idea was just playing some roses so I could use some images for my Valentine's Day promotion, nothing too specific. At very short time frame to bring up some ideas sometimes are not so easy especially when my brain's a bit fried after running after a toddler all day. I think it's quite a good example that sometimes you just have to go outside and shoot without too much planning. There's something that I completely agreed with Mira from one of our conversations is just to be relax. It doesn't mean not to work hard, it's just the mindset. I remember there are tons of times that my purchased outfits/props didn't arrived on time, or the things just didn't go as planned. But things always find its way if we keep trying even that means trying something else unexpected or spontaneously. 

The other thing that we chatted about is the imperfect fruits and veggies that the local organic grocery store sell. Mira said she loves the idea that this store sells the ugly, not so pretty products there and now I think of her words every time I did grocery shopping in the grocery store. (LOL) What a brilliant young woman, heh?! I believe she will shine brightly when she returns back to Germany after her adventures in Australia. 

Finally, I hope you like the images that we created from a bright sunny morning. It's not easy to shoot under broad sunlight but I think it's a common challenge for any Australian photographer anyhow. It's important to challenge ourselves sometimes, right?!  

Stay imperfect,

xxx Aka

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