DIY Napkin Easter Egg Decor

DIY Napkin Easter Egg Decor

Okay, this is a quick post about how I made these Easter decor eggs using pretty napkins and paper mache eggs. I have been searching online tutorials from Pinterest, and found this one from SEWforSOUL. I read quite a few different tutorial posts from other makers/bloggers but this one only requires PVA glue which I prefer. I also replaced plastic eggs with paper mache eggs but the grey colour somehow revealed a little bit on my first attempts so I had to coat them with white acrylic paint.(As you can see in some images) It's a great fun to do it with your kids and If you wish to eat the eggs afterwards, using real eggs and egg white instead. It's simple and quick, I only did this during my toddler's nap time so it's definitely not time consuming.  

I hope you find these helpful and give you some ideas to do with your kids during the Easter long weekend!  

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You will need:

  • PVA glue (you can replace it with egg white)
  • Eggs (plastic, paper mache, boiled)
  • Flat paint brush
  • Pretty paper napkins
  • A cup for diluting the PVA glue



  1. Add some PVA glue in the cup, and add water to wash it down. There's no exact how much water, mine looked a bit opaque.
  2. Remove the white layer from paper napkins and cut them into smaller pieces . My first couple ones were covered too much paper and got really wrinkled.
  3. Place the napkin pieces on the eggs and brush the diluted PVA glue on to napkin. Smooth the surface with the same direction and don't brush it too much, it might tear the napkin. (I did it a couple times)
  4. Coated the eggs with more pieces if needed. 
  5. Let dry and voila. 



  1. Choose more simpler patterns to avoid the messy look. Because they will overlay while you do it, too much pattern will be hard to see what's on it. Make sure the napkins is newish, the faded part will look quite dirty. 
  2. If you use naturally white eggs, you can just cut the patterns out of the napkins, it will be less wrinkled and blend with the eggshell colour better.


Stay crafty and happy Easter!! 

xxx Aka