An Ultra Violet Love Story

Sydney Romantic & Boho Wedding Photographer

Hi guys, today I want to share with you the shoot I did a while ago and it's just got featured in one of my favourite wedding blog Nouba! Whoop whoop! 

Many thanks to this incredible team, especially the main concept and organiser Clare from Clare de Fleur. When I contacted her for my previous styled shoot and we immediately clicked in so many ways and she's just such a warm and enthusiastic person to work with. Not to mention that her works in flowers and styling was so so stunning. Plus!!! She also writes so well  which I am very envious as I am constantly struggle on what to wrote. (Truth)

The concept of this shoot was based on a girl who has so many different moments through out  the wedding day. From getting ready to actual big game, she has so much to reflect and memorise for herself. We also got some inspirations from a shoot of Keira Knightley that I came across in my local library. Inspiration is everywhere! Clare and I both thought that's perfect to set the whole scene, and guess what's the colour of  "Pantone of the Year 2018"? Ultra Violet!! Bang, just like this, this lilac toned styled shoot was born;-) 

This shoot was held in a natural based studio. It was a bit nerve wrecking to work in a studio which I wasn't really used to. I personally love to wander around so working in a limited space was definitely a great way to sharpen my composition skills. I also like to mention our lovely model Georgia and her sweet mom here. Georgia's really bubbly and has such a will-do attitude, she also has her own Youtube channel, if you wish to see a more lively version of her, go check her out!  The other thing impressed me is her mom completely supports what Georgia wants to achieve in Fashion. She drove all the way from Penrith to support her daughter in this shoot (it's a FTP shoot) without any complaints but with her vibrant personalities! Ever since I became a mother myself, I have absolutely respect for those moms who can be so loving and supportive for their children. It's so difficult not to compare ourselves to others already, and it must be hard not to judge a little sometimes.

Anyways, let me spare you the boring mom talk. Please see below the detail of participated vendors, and I hope you like these images just like I do. Let me know what you think in the comments would be really appreciated too! 

Photography- Akaness Sharks Photo
Flowers, Props & Styling - Clare et Fleur
Wedding Dress & Beaded Top - White Meadow Bridal
Lilac Midi Dress & Tulle skirt - ASOS
Model - Georgia Cate K
Vintage Dressing Table - Laurelbank Weddings and Events
Plant Styling - Pop Up Gardens  
HMUA - Billie Makeup Artistry
Studio - Le Petite Studio Blanc Au
Bouquet Silk Ribbons - Songbird Silk