Hawaii Getaway Part I

Sydney Natural Maternity Lifestyle Photographer

Hi guys, just got back from our recent trip in Oahu, Hawaii. Life's been crazy busy and this trip was just what we needed, to recharge our energy pool, to refresh our minds, and to reflect what we have missed. 

When we knew that I fell pregnant again, there were gazillions thoughts flying around, and changing flight dates were just one of them. We ended up staying longer than the original plan but I glad we did. There were so much to see about this island, the natural landscape, the culture, the plantation, oh just by saying this make me want to go back so badly.

Hence that I am not really a travel blogger, so I will spare my breath for the tips here. BUT I will leave some commentary on photos and in between, hopefully you will enjoy them or find them helpful if you are planing to visit there.

Stay warm,

xx Aka


We stayed at Koko Head which was about 15 minutes drive to downtown Waikiki. Since we stayed almost 2 weeks, we weren't in a hurry. We went there for the Friday night firework, Royal Hawaiian Hotel and a couple of drinks on my birthday. We ate mostly from Whole Foods, it's so much more economical than buying groceries to cook at home. And I love soups, it's so easy to get a big cup of soup with tons choices. And Indigo learnt how to open the bakery displays and snatch the biscuits. This gal is a real survivor.  

Bishop Museum & Honolulu Museum of Art

We searched some rainy day activities there and these two were the closest and it was really fun! I personally love Bishop Museum because it's so much bigger, and so much more iterative for kids and adults. We learnt some Polynesian cultures, Dinosaur, and the volcano. It's also very creative in terms of the display of the science. Love that place. 

Pearl Harbour

We made 2 attempts as we didn't feel too well at the first time. I am just like most girls who thought this is boys thing but I was quite impressed how much details they'd presented and displayed. We ended up staying longer than we expected and of course The Toddler means the dramas, we had to change her nappy but my backpack got locked in the car. (They don't allow you take big bags, and this just became a great motive to shop some small bags ;-)