Sweet Meghna & Mark Engagement

Sydney Macquarie Wedding Engagement photographer

Hi guys, today I want to share with you this engagement session with this lovely couple Meghna and Mark back in May! 

Firstly, how beautiful is this couple?! And that beautiful Autumn tones! Am I right? Speaking of Autumn tones, Meghan and I have been planning to make this happen since February. Somehow the Autumn leaves were bit a slow bloomer this year, we had to keep waiting to make this happened plus to find time due to my hectic life lately. We are so blessed when the day finally came, everything was just perfect. 

Secondly, location location location. The other reason that we didn't choose Blue Mountains but Macquarie University was this is the place they met. I believe magic always happened with a reason, and I can see why in these interactions. And I am glad that I was there capturing these undeniable affections for them.

Finally, I hope you love these images just as I do, which I say it all the time. Like all the time, I know. 

Stay warm,

xxx Aka