Hawaii Getaway Part II

Sydney Lifestyle Photographer Royal Hawaiian-3.jpg

Hi guys, I know it's been a while since last Hawaii post, but life's crazy busy! I drafted this post in June, can you believe it's mid July already?

Now Sydney is freezing, this only makes me want to go back to that tropical paradise so much! As usual, I don't have travel tips here and all I can say is we had really lovely time there. There are just so much to explore and experiment, I think this island should be a must check out list for every family.  I also love love love the mango trees are every where in the neighbourhood, even just on the highway! (They have lychee trees and coconut trees in their backyard as well. But I have never seen these crazy full-grown mango trees every where like that.) 

Also, you can also see some photos of us in Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Dole Plantation and Polynesian Cultural Centre(Which can easily spend a full day there). Plus some where in between as usual. I hope you like them and I will catch you in next post!(?)

Stay in Summer,

Aka xxx