Sydney Beach Family Lifestyle Session & the Bump!

Sydney Family Lifetyle Photographer-2.jpg

There's nothing better than receiving supports and love through the gorgeous people inside out, especially when those people are your clients! 

I work with Charley and her tribe last year when her little princess Kayla's nearly 2 and now they are family of 4! So honoured to spend sometime with them again on this beautiful beach Nielsen Park, and three years old is a definitely different age to shoot comparing 2! (Last time I had to chase her around, this time she mainly just wanted to do her own thing...) Charley is also a very caring mama, she's not only referred me to her friends, but also sharing me some advices on motherhood. Absolutely an angel I would say.  

I am also grateful that I got quite a few recurring working opportunities or referrals from my old clients. (And they become friends sometimes.) This means so much to me as an achievement about what I do as a passion in life, and what I am as a person to my clients. Guess I am not just a firm believer of hard working, but also serendipity. 

I am also not super outgoing person and photography brought me to meet with more families just like ours, couples madly in love, and some cool vendors who are also passionate about what they do. (Big thank you to my supportive husband here.) 

Anyways, I need to stop this random babbling here as my daughter's nap time nearly finish. #momlife I hope you all have a great weekend and please let me know what you think about these images below. 

Stay humble,

Aka xx

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