Alex & Bek's Relaxed Beach Engagement

Sydney Wedding Candid Relaxed Elopement Engagement Photographer-2.jpg

Hi guys, how's your weekend? Today I want to share with you some engagement session photos with these love birds a few weeks back:-) 

Seriously they are one of the best or dreamiest clients that I ever had. Rebekah reached out to me with full passion about my works and booked me within a snap. I have to be honest with you that did make me feel like I was on cloud 9 because we all have self doubts and horrible comparisons sometimes from stopping us to move forward more fiercely. (Especially I am pretty pedantic.)

She and her partner Alex were just super easy going and we all laughed so much because it's just simply in their nature. So we just happily chilled out at the beach till sun sets, and collected all of these fun and relaxed moments with lots nose crinkles in them. 

I think this sums up what I love as a job. And I hope you like these sum-ups too.


Stay fun,

Aka xx