Hayley & Michael's Waterfront Engagement near Luna Park

Fun Candid Artistic Engagement Photography -4.jpg

Hello guys,

Life’s been crazy here but nothing can stop me to share with these images with you today! I have been wanting to shoot at Luna Park, Sydney and somehow this day was a dream ( partly) come true! (It would be perfect if Luna Park was still open) It’s such a great location for engagement shoot and let me know if you are interested;-)

I have to admit I probably like doing engagement photos more than wedding day portraits sometimes. It’s more relaxed, less hectic and basically we just chilled out most of the time. Honestly, it’s a date night with me! haha!

Alright, baby brain here needs to stop writing as I am so bad at writing these days. So I let the images to speak for me, and voila! Hope you like these loved-up photos and let me know what you think!


Stay chill,

Aka xx