A Sun Kissed Afternoon with Daisy | Portrait Photography

Being a mom is all about prioritisings. It's not just our time got divided into between naps like running from a tide. It's also about picking the right fights. You might say that's just making compromises. You might be right, but I don't really like the word itself, that's all. This word sounds way too passive to me, and picking the right fights make this concept sounds sexier, don't you think? I truly believe all the moms in the world are beautiful fighters and the beauty about them is they would hustle to get what they think is best for their kids. But today I have to emphesize, it's also important to be ourselves by calculating for a bit more time to get what we always dream for. And when I achieved that, I feel bloody fantastic and less small.  That's how I think about this photoshoot with Daisy last week. Thanks for my husband Andrew came home early looking after baby Indigo so I could go on shooting in golden hour and taking advantages of that summery haze. I hope you guys enjoys these babies that we created and bring it one more gorgeous summer.


Stay sun kissed,


xxx Aka


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