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I have to admit, I've never liked wedding photographs until I actually started to look for my own wedding photographer after moving to Australia. The reason why I didn't like it simply because I have only seen a few from friends and relatives and they were just not my style. Then I thought that's how wedding photography would ALL look like. So when I opened the first page of a wedding blog after getting engaged, man, I could feel my jaw was sitting on the ground after seeing what I saw. It's like me standing next to a second hand kids book stand in my childhood, I was obsessed.

Then I told myself that I want to be able to do that, I want to take beautiful and artistic wedding photos, I want that job title as a visual story teller just like those talented photographers that I admire. And of course, I want to be an imagery poet, a walking memory keepsake, anything you will call to bring the special day alive. I want to be that person that you are looking for.

To achieve that, you have to know what do you really want first, or maybe what you don't really want. Check out my gallery or blog to see what my style is like and that's going to be the style would be like if you picked me to document your big day. I see my art as imagery craftsmanship, which means I don't compromise my work, ever. So I only do limited weddings throughout a year to ensure I could provide something that we both are proud of and talking about them constantly. It's the value of the lifetime, without your true emotions, it's nothing but an imitation.   

My intimate elopements/ weddings start at 1,800.00 AUD include GST, 9 hour coverage weddings start at 3,100.00 AUD include GST. All my wedding packages include one complimentary engagement/ couple loved-up session. I believe this helps to get comfortable with each other and reduce the stress about the uncertainty of your big day. Plus you get to have nice photos for your save-the-date cards, guestbook or your wedding website/Facebook page.

I am based in Sydney but I am willing to travel, additional travel fee depends on how far you want me to go. I am a travel bug so I surely have a tendency in international weddings, drop me a line to see if we could work together.  I also got payment plan available to save you some grey hair. Please contact me for the full pricing guide or you just simply want to say hi. 

Chats upon coffees are more than welcome, you know the drill. 

I look forward to hearing what you have planned so far. 

Stay real,

xxx Aka



—Q & A —

Q: Where are you based? Do you travel for weddings? 
A: I am based in Eastern Suburbs in Sydney but I also love to shoot elsewhere. Anywhere in Australia and internationally if you need me to be there. However, travel fee does apply and sometimes I do need help on accommodation as well so I can ensure I can stay till the end of your big day. Let me know the location when you book, we will sort something out. I also offer discount on some places on my bucket list, please don't feel hesitate to ask! 
Q: Do you plan or having props for your shoot? 
A: Yes I do. Depends on the location and occasion, I prepare some creative props like fairy lights, colour smoke bomb to add interests to my imagery. (It also makes the couple's big day even more unique.)  I don't just show up and snap like a cool cat, I plan/study a lot of couple's theme and want to make sure I can deliver some special and artful memories to keep for a long time. (together) 
Q: Do you shoot along or with a second shooter?
A: Mostly you will just make magics with only me. I am pretty comfortable working around like a ninja and you can just enjoy your champagne without noticing. But if you wish to have a second shooter for your big day, or your wedding is more than 150 guests, I can certainly arrange that.
Q: Do you shoot LBGT weddings?
A: This is a big YES.


Q: Do you edit your images?
A: Yes, I handpick all my images and then edit them in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I spend a lot of a lot of time on details on the spot or post processing to create how the images I wish to represent.
Q: How do you deliver the images?! How long does it take?
A: Usually around 8 weeks time (or less) and I will mail you the link of online gallery(downloadable) to spread the love and your high res photos in a custom USB via post after. HD images will deliver to you a bit later if you also order the albums. Because I will mail them altogether after the albums done.
Q: Do you do albums and prints?
A: Absolutely. I always thought why I didn't print my own ones sooner. We all got busy in life  and a great storytelling album takes a lot of time and energy to make the magic happen. I would love to curate them for you and make them the best topic among you and your friends and families. Also, some of my packages have already include the prints!
Q: Can I decided if I want prints after I viewed the gallery?
A: You surely can. I have add-on options/store that you can simply add your favourites to cart.    
Q: Could you give all the unedited photos/ RAW files upon request?
A: No, I do not offer those unedited photos/RAW files. 


Got more questions? Or you are interested in more package details? Please contact me! 

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