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What To Expect

What to Expect In A Session...

To achieve what I believe that is best for the story telling, I prefer keeping my stuffs more raw and organic, more fun and gums. That means you will have more interactions reflecting that moment at the time with me, rathe than posing in front of the cameras. Before we start the session, I will approach you for the inspirations, ideas or plans that you might already have in mind then we will go from there. Once we got the concepts, time and location locked in, we will just go create some magic! Uber easy! 

For instance, you saw someone's feed on Instagram today showing a couple licking ice cream cones in a colourful theme park. Those lights shining at the background so vivid and vibrant and you wonder if we could do that?! Totally. Picnic with my family in the park is too boring?! No, it's perfect. No idea is too plain or crazy, it's your stories. And every bit is just as powerful and beautiful.





So we definitely want to lock it in, then what?!

Well, there's certainly no pretty way talking about money so I will make it quick and punchy.


Any sessions except weddings, a deposit of $150.00 AUD is required. Then the remainder of the fee is paid in full at least one week before the session day. For wedding and elopement bookings, a deposit of $800 is required to secure your booking, and the remainder of the session fee needed to be paid in full at least TWO weeks prior. 

You can certainly reschedule the session with 24 hours notice, however the deposit is not refundable if you wish to cancel the session. 

I also list some Q&A below in case you have same questions in mind...



Q: Where do you usually shoot? Do you travel? If so, any additional travel fee?

A: I am based in Eastern Suburbs in Sydney so I shoot at lots of places within these areas. But I would love to shoot at other places as well! Over 1 hour drive distance from Sydney metro area, travel fee is required.Let me know the location when you book, we will sort something out.

Q: What to dress for the session? Can I have more than one outfit?

A: Depends on the sessions that you do. For family lifestyle sessions, I would suggest you to go for the similar colours in the group to avoid distractions in images. For other portrait sessions, you can totally rock any kind of styles if you like. You can pick a few outfits for your kids or yourselves but depends on the session length, there's no guarantee to go through all of them.

Q: What time do you shoot?!

A: I can shoot anytime of the day. But if you want some golden magic lights, one hour before sun down or after sunrise is the prime time. 

Q: Do you have props for your session?

A: Depends on the location and occasion, I will see what I have or what ideas I am having. 

Q: May I have all unedited photos/ RAW files?

A: No, I do not offer those unedited photos/RAW files to customers. I will offer minimum of 40 HD images in both print and web formats which means you will received ALL the curated photos. In adverage, my customers received up to 100 images in a session. 

That's it! If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Sydney Photography Session Q&A

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