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I still do, maybe not so much the brochures but my heart swells when I travel down the memory lane. It brings the joy and romantic out of me on any day. 

I believe it’s called nostalgia.   

So if you are looking for someone to capture your special day for you, then I hope you are some nostalgic humans like me. I want to be an imagery poet for your wedding day and sing out your stories with these photographs. Candid, raw, honest, but with a touch of dreamily style to them.
I wish to make your tears count, your laughters seen, and maybe bring the joy and romantic out of you on any day when you flick through these images again. And again.

I used to collect photographs, artistic brochures and little collectables while travelling. 

Hi, I'm Aka. I am a dreamer and a sucker for nostalgia. 

What I care about most are the simple things. 
So you can travel back in times without closing your eyes.
To relive the moments and feel the tingling in your hands. And don’t forget about those belly laughs, tears, and crazy moves.
Let me capture all the rawness and imperfections that make your stories completely your own. 

The big feelings, the little things, the loud and the quiet moments, the bold and intimate connections, and everything in between.
Someone told me the importance in our DNA is to pass down the stories, to tell who we are. It is in our blood and it's our legacy. That's why I am so passionate about capturing stories.
So you can tell your stories over and over again
upon coffee tables and wine glasses, 
underneath sunshine and moonshine,
as your journey goes on.
If you think I am your guy, 
drop me a line and we will start/spark from there ;-)

My photography is an extension of myself, authentic, romantic
and nostalgic.


Googling Everything

Dusty Rose




Red Wine (GSM)

Almond Latte

Bassa Nova


Coffee Order


Freeda Kahlo

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Picture Books




favourite things

Community over competition

Love and kindness are never wasted

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Success is a journey not a destination

Never stop creating, learning and evolving

Find joy in everything, even the smallest of things


Mummy's boy Whistler, strong hair game and a dinosaur lover. 

My little chatter box Indigo.
She loves FOOD and wants to be an artist when she grows up.

my two little wildlings

A more organised mum

Photographic retreats

Turkey, to see the hot air balloons at sunrise.

Wild animals in Africa Safari


A homegrown veggie patch!







my bucket list

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david & samantha

 My wedding day was so smooth and easy with Aka she directs you to capture your best self and makes the entire process stress free. I'f your looking for those wedding photos that stand out book her you will not be disappointed.
Loved every minute Aka thank you thank you thank you!!

"All I can say is wow. Aka has nothing but pure talent, she has a vision so rare and captures pure magic in her photos.

alex & bek

I am thrilled that we get to have you as our photographer for our special day! Honestly, thank you thank you thank you!!"

"These are WONDERFUL! I am seriously in love with all of them. You have captured everything I wanted and more

Hayley & Mick

 A true artist, she beautifully captured the heart and soul of our big day. Her kind, down to earth nature is instantly calming. It never felt like we were posing, she made it really easy to have fun, and just be ourselves. Hence, she so easily captures those natural shots, the really special in-between moments that say so much in a look or a smile. Thank you, Aka, for telling our story in the most phenomenal way. Forever grateful."

"Enchanting, romantic, wild and free. That's how I describe Aka's work.

gatehouse family

The nicest woman you will ever meet. So warm and inviting. Such an ease to work with to capture the most precious moment for my little family of 4.
And finally to top it off her photos were absolutely on point, they captured my family exactly how I wanted.
Thank you so much Aka can’t wait to do more photos with you.

"There is nothing but fantastic things I can say about Aka and her photography. 

praise from kind-hearted clients

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