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I seriously have an issue with height. The wild and wide bird-view angles freaked me out and it extremely make me burst into tears every single time. But you know what? I still can’t resist my affections toward the bloody intriguing nature. I love the ocean and it’s stubbornness, I love the mountains and they […]

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Someone told me the importance in our DNA is
to pass down the stories, to tell who we are.
It is in our blood and it's our legacy.
That's why I am so passionate about capturing stories.
So you can tell your stories over and over again,
upon coffee tables and wine glasses, 
underneath sunshine and moonshine,
as your journey goes on.

what I care about most are the simplest things. the beautiful mundane, the perfect imperfections, the in-between glances- just being in the moments.

Hey there, I'm Aka.

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