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Hello guys, today I want to share with you some glimpses of my mom life as my baby girl just turned two!! It’s hard to believe this once flesh of mine is hitting two, and now our second baby is due soon, all the flashbacks are just like deja vu. This doesn’t only remind me how […]

Life with Indigo: 2 Years Old

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Someone told me the importance in our DNA is
to pass down the stories, to tell who we are.
It is in our blood and it's our legacy.
That's why I am so passionate about capturing stories.
So you can tell your stories over and over again,
upon coffee tables and wine glasses, 
underneath sunshine and moonshine,
as your journey goes on.

what I care about most are the simplest things. the beautiful mundane, the perfect imperfections, the in-between glances- just being in the moments.

Hey there, I'm Aka.

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