Radiant Couple In Love: Clare + Flo

This shoot has been featured on  Polka Dot Bride Blog .

This shoot has been featured on Polka Dot Bride Blog.

Hey guys, just want to share with you my recent shoot with this lovely couple Clare and Flo. When I looked at those photos straight out of camera, I knew what this post title's going to be. Because that's just what they were like when I met them, there's this luminous glow shining through them from inside out.

I am not kidding. Let me tell you why.

Clare and Flo met in the United States, when they both were exchange students. Clare's a beautiful Aussie girl with fabulous style (look at her, right?! Go check out her Instagram here) and Flo's a down to earth, crazy in love Austrian bloke (with awesome hair and got the engagement ring specially customised in city) (take note guys!!! )  (I would cry for a week if my husband did this for me) (love you still hubby if you read this part)  who came to Australia to chase his dream girl after 1.5 years long distance relationship.   People all said it's not going to work. (I would probably be one of them) But when I hung out with them at the shoot , I can see they are unstoppable and will surely have a great journey in life together. Not to mention we had some serious laughs just chatting about their wedding preparations, food obsessions and beyond. They are just the kind of couple you will instantaneously have felt like you know them for a long time. Plus, Flo's probably the sixth Austrian from Linz that I met, the world surely is getting smaller! (My best mate back from Taiwan was from Linz)  

The other reason I feel really related to them is I was also a foreigner who came to Australia trying to make things work but end up hitting the jackpot. (I believe they are each other's jackpot) Multicultural relationships could be exotic and different, but could be challenging as well. I know in Australia this is super common and that's why I love Australia so much, because we are happily different but have a lot in common. Seriously, I am so inspired by them and hope you love these images of them chilling out in Nielsen Park, with tons of giggles and cuddles. 

Stay radiant,

xxx Aka

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